Frequently asked questions

1. Why do I need to register with PujaSanskarm?

We take your address details during ordering for a Idol to send. Hence you are requested to register to PujaSanskarm during ordering process. Also, you can login to your account any time and check the past ordered by you to us.

2. Why do you need my email ID?

We require your email ID to send you the details of the Idols you have ordered, sending status of the shipment, password reset and to send other useful information you might be interested.

3. Why do you need my address?

We need your address during your registration of your account to deliver the Idols.

4. Is it necessary to provide my contact number?

Yes, providing your contact number is essential. It will help us to send order status and other useful information. Also, will help during delivering of Idols.

5. Where can I view my account?

Use the “LOGIN” tab on the homepage to log into your account and view the details of your account.

6. I have forgotten my password, what I do to retrieve the password?

Click on the “Forgot your Password” link on the LOGIN tab. We will send a link to your registered email ID to reset the password.

7. Can I send Idols to different address than I have already registered?

Yes, you can send Idols to the address other than one registered already. During the order process change the shipping address to the address you want to ship the Idols.

8. I am staying outside India. Can I order for Idols?

Yes, you can order for Idols from any part of the world. However delivery of Idols and articles are subject to local customs clearance of your country location.

9. Can I order multiple Idols? Can I ship them to multiple addresses?

Yes, you can order for multiple quantity of Idols and can be deliver to multiple addresses. In case of you have any specific bulk order requirement contact us separately.

Also, can order multiple Idols and deliver to multiple addresses.